February 18, 2012

Airbus and Singapore: Industry leaders with a vision of the future

Leader in Aviation Technology

As with Airbus, Singapore has always taken a forward-looking approach to the development of air transportation – which contributes to the country’s position as a world-class aviation hub.

From an infrastructure point of view, Singapore is aligned with Airbus on the need to build air traffic management systems that meet future airspace capacity and safety requirements. 

In Singapore, these efforts are led by the country’s CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore), whose initiatives range from better airport coordination by creating data-sharing tools with all stakeholders, to improved surveillance means for aircraft at cruise altitudes.

“The future will be challenging, considering the major traffic growth predicted for Asia-Pacific – underscoring the need to move toward a seamless system,” explained Hermizan Jumari, the CAAS’ Covering Head of Air Traffic Management/Systems. “We generally work with our customers – who primarily are the airlines – but we definitely want more opportunities with aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus in understanding flight characteristics and flight phases that can contribute to better fuel efficiency and safety in the air traffic system.”

Through the Singapore Air show, Airbus has once again proven beyond doubt to be a true leader and innovative competitor. In Singapore, Airbus unveiled several green initiatives, and partnered on futures innovations and technologies.


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