March 5, 2012

G280 Takes Step Closer To Market Entry

Gulfstream Aerospace is hoping to obtain full certification and delivery of its G280 super midsize business jet in the second quarter, after receiving provisional type certification (PTC) from FAA on March 1. The PTC followed similar approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel on Dec. 29.

The primary remaining outstanding issue for full type certification involves an update to the software for the aircraft’s PlaneView avionics suite, which is based on Rockwell Collins ProLine Fusion cockpit. The Gulfstream G650, which was awarded PTC in November, also awaits the update, but must complete other testing for full TC.

In addition to the software upgrade on the G280, Gulfstream is testing optional avionics systems, including the head-up display (HUD II) and enhanced vision system (EVS II). The Savannah, Ga.-based airframer will use Serial Number (S/N) 2003 for that testing, now that the requisite certification trials involving the aircraft are complete.

The first production aircraft, S/N 2004, was outfitted and painted last year for the 2011 National Business Aviation Association annual meeting and convention in October. That aircraft must under go the final upgrades, however, before delivery.

Gulfstream is not revealing the number of other aircraft in production, but it was able to make green deliveries of its G650 once PTC was awarded. Gulfstream has targeted mid-year for G280 full type certification. Jay Johnson, chairman and CEO of Gulfstream parent General Dynamics, told analysts earlier this year that Gulfstream plans 10-15 mid-cabin deliveries in 2012, with the G280 accounting for the majority of those deliveries

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