April 24, 2012

Differences between the D-Jet and SF-50

Comparisons between both VLJs.

This information was taken from their different websites, please keep in mind that these information are subject to changes according to the OEM policies.

D-Jet  SF-50
Airframe Carbon Fiber Composites/Aluminum 
Power Plant  Williams FJ33-5A turbofan Williams FJ33-5A turbofan
# of Pax  2+3 2+3-5
Max Ramp Weight  5,690 Lbs  6,060lbs
Maximum Takeoff Weight  ??? 6,000lbs
Empty Weight  ??? 3,700lbs
Useful. Load 2,240 Lbs  2,300lbs
Maximum Payload  ??? 1,200lbs
Maximum Fuel  1,740Lbs  1960lbs
Max Cruise Speed 315ktas  300ktas
Long Range Cruise Speed  240ktas ???
Max Range 1,350nm  1430nm
Certified Ceiling  FL250 FL280
Time to Clime to FL250 15mins  ???
Time to Clime to FL250 (FPM) 1,667 ???
Takeoff   ??? 1,615
Landing ??? 1,245
Price  1.38 1.72

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